The following case studies give an insite into our ability to interpret problems and design and manufacture the solutions

magnetic switch with interlock and magnetic keys

Magnetic switch interlock with magnetic keys

  • We have received various enquires regarding an interlock for preventing machine operation without the presence of a magnetic key.
  • So far we have developed 2 types of magnetic interlock: one with a magnetic key with a tag for identifying the operator, and one with a chord attached to the operator which pulls the magnetic key out of the interlock when the operator moves away.
  • The magnetic interlock design is flexible and the system can be used wherever an extra input is required in a control system.
Magnetic switch on tractor steering unit

Tractor front wheel drive sensor

  • A well known manufacturer of agricultural machinery required a robust sensor for switching off the front wheel drive of a tractor when the wheels turned beyond a certain angle.
  • Our magnetic switch design went through weeks of severe field testing before being accepted.
  • The system involves a stainless steel assembly mounted to the steering tubes and a magnetic sensing system which is protected inside the chasis.
magnetic switch

Level sensor with proportional output

  • A proportional output was required from a magnetic float in a marine application.
  • We developed an array of reed switches which, in combination with several resistors, gave a 20 step output for a pump’s control system.
  • The unit is manufactured from plastics and copper-nickel to reduce corrosion.
magnetic switch

Short magnetic switch with right angle cable exit

  • A company required a magnetic switch for a tie-rod pneumatic cylinder which should be less than 22m long, have a right angled cable exit and an NPN output.
  • By machining and reassembling parts of our existing magnetic switch housings we were able to supply a batch of 50 magnetic switches to the above specification within a few days. The switches were supplied with our 2 wire sensor so they could be used for any system, not just NPN.
magnetic switch

Water inlet blockage detectors for boats

  • The cooling water inlet through a boat’s hull can becomes blocked or the seacock can be accidentally left closed, leading to overheating and possibly the destruction of the engine.
  • We developed a corrosion resistant water inlet sensor using a reed switch sensor. It detects the ‘negative pressure’ that occurs in the water cooling system when there is a blockage.
  • The sensor gives an output at a pre-set negative pressure to signal a blockage which can then be used to sound an alarm and alert the operator.
magnetic switch

Latching changeover switch for detecting a passing elevator cabin

  • A replacement was required for a specialised latching changeover magnetic switch which was originally purchased from a Spanish company and is no longer available.
  • We were sent an old magnetic switch which was borrowed from an elevator unit so we could determine the operating characteristics. After a few tests on the old switch we were able to supply a replacement which was much neater and easier to fit than the original.
magnetic switch

Contactless angle sensor for vehicle handbrake system

  • We developed a contactless angle sensor with a variable output which combined with the non-linear movement of the handbrake to give a linear electronic output.
  • By using an electronic magnetic sensor and powerful magnets we created a unit with no moving electrical parts thus eliminating wear.

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