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All of our magnetic switch design and manufacture is done in our facility near Leicester in the UK. With our design skills, manufacturing experience and full control of all processes we will produce the right magnetic switch for your application.

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If you have an application which you think may be suitable for a magnetic switch then please contact us with some details, we’ll be pleased to help.

Magnetic switch technologies

Reed switch: The reed switch is the oldest and probably best known magnetic switch. They are still the most cost effective and are reliable and accurate. Well over half of the switches we supply feature a reed switch.
Electronic magnetic sensor: There are various technologies used in electronic magnetic sensing. Hall effect was the first commercially available technology and Hall effect sensors are still used in certain applications. The magnetoresitive sensor was developed later giving more accurate switching on both poles and this was superceeded by the GMR (giant magnetoresistive) sensor which is more accurate still and has better sensitivity and ‘double switching’ characteristics. Almost all of our electronic sensors are GMR but there are still some applications where Hall effect devices are more suitable.

Not sure if you need a magnetic switch?

Have a look at some case studies giving a summary of some projects we have tackled over the last few years. These may help you decide if a magnetic switch could be useful to you.

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